About Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation

Dear Friends, 

I’m very happy to announce the creation of the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation.  Formed in memory of Katherine Taglialatella, the foundation is dedicated to furthering the education of minority children of single parents by providing tuition grants and other educational assistance to these deserving families.  Katherine Taglialatella died in February of 2008, having reached the milestone of 100 years of age.  A hardworking and unassuming immigrant single parent, Katherine recognized the value of education to her children’s integration and advancement within the American society.  She was always grateful to the Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary Parish in East Harlem for its understanding and support of those in need. With the establishment of the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation, we hope to create a living memorial to Katherine and her ideals.

The Foundation will work closely with the Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary School and will provide tuition assistance and scholarships to the children of single
minority parents who wish to attend the school. 
Although funded primarily with contributions from members of the Taglialatella family, the Foundation is seeking contributions from friends and others who support its ideal of making quality education available to those who otherwise could not afford it. 

We would be honored if you would consider a contribution to the Foundation. 

Your contribution, in any amount, will aid in our mission to assist deserving students in
obtaining quality educations and will be greatly appreciated. Donations will soon be
accepted online.

For now, please make checks payable to:

Katherine Taglialatella Charitable Foundation Inc. and mail them to:

Katherine M.
Taglialatella Foundation
c/o Taglialatella Galleries
229 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-367-0881

All donations are tax deductible allowable by law. 501(C)(3) EIN#80-0190418.

Thank you,

Dominic and Sally Taglialatella