Cardinal Dolan holds private mass for students

Jan. 18, 2012

Cardinal Timohy M. Bishop of New York visited Mt. Carmel Holy Rosary School and held a private mass for the students. Afterward, an intimate lunch was held at Rao's Restaurant by Frank Pellegrino, Susan Paolercio, & Ron Straci in honor of his Excellency, Cardinal Dolan.

5th graders scholarship students visit Good morning America

November 6, 2013

Sally Taglialatella and our 5th Grade scholarship students from Mt. Carmel Holy Rosary School in East Harlem visited weatherman Sam Champion on the set of ABC's Good Morning America.

video clip of the 5th grader scholarship students on good morning america

Fox New York's melissa magee visits mchr

december 4, 2008

Melissa Magee, AccuWeather Broadcaster for Fox5 New York, visited the 6th grade science class at the Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School.

Watch the clip below, from

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Taglialatellas Share Art with Students

May 2009

Mt. Carmel students spent an afternoon at DJT Fine Art in Chelsea. DJT owner and KMT founder Dominic J. Taglialatella gave an exciting art history lesson and was even able to compare the students’ artwork with that of celebrated CoBrA artist Pierre Corneille!