Dom and Sally Taglialatella and the late, Frank Pellegrino at the 2011 Benefit, “An Evening at Rao's in Palm Beach”

Foundation History

Dominic Taglialatella, a native of East Harlem raised by a single mother, grew up attending the Holy Rosary Parish in East Harlem. His mother, Katherine M. Taglialatella, recognized the value of education in her children's integration into and advancement within American society. She was always grateful to the Holy Rosary Parish for its understanding and support of these needs for all. After her death in 2008, having reached the milestone of 100 years of age, Dominic and his wife Sally established the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation with the encouragement of Ron Straci and the late, Frank Pellegrino of Rao's Restaurant, also located in East Harlem. since 2008, the foundation has raised close to 500 thousand dollars. The Foundation has financially aided hundreds of children and their families, and embodies a living memorial to Katherine and her ideals.


Mrs. Catherine Taglialatella D'Ovidio


Mr. David Ginn

Ms. Susan Paolercio


In loving memory of Mr. Frank Pellegrino

Mr. Dominic J. Taglialatella

Mrs. Sally A. Taglialatella

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